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Our Approach

The Principal objective of an investment is to create wealth. But we have seen a huge gap between available returns and actually received returns which is the cause of fundamental decision making process. Our approach requires right direction and discipline to make rational, as opposed to emotional, investment decisions. It also requires a commitment to educating our clients rather than convincing them of our superior investment foresight. We avoid chasing speculative and short term investment avenues by focussing on more significant components of portfolio creation: costs, tax efficiency, and asset class exposure.

Types of Portfolio

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation Portfolio:
  • Objective: To give better risk adjusted returns by deciding right proportion of Equity and Debt asset classes from time to time, and selecting consistently better performing mutual fund schemes.

  • Independent Investment Portfolio:
  • Objective: To stay invested in equity or debt mutual fund schemes at all times, deliver superior portfolio returns by selecting better performing schemes and encashing on opportunities offered by markets.


We understand managing documentation and maintaining records is a tedious process. The time consuming paper work tends to reduce the time that you could have alternatively utilised in expanding your business or at leisure.

Thus we bring to you easy- to- use online platform that enables us to do paperless and faster execution of investments in mutual funds. The best in class research tools enables us to select the right schemes to build your bespoke portfolio.

  • Online mode
    • One time account opening form and cheque.
    • Post a/c opening zero paperwork and issuance of cheques.
    • Ease of execution even when you are travelling or busy in meetings.
    • Faster decision making and execution.
    • Complete transparency.
  • Offline mode
    • Client has to submit scheme related investment form and issue cheques for every transaction.
    • Client has to submit redemption form for the respective scheme.
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