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Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate transactions are very time consuming in nature and often requires co-ordination with different people namely brokers, sellers/builders, banks, legal, financial advisors and tax experts. Even the first step of identifying different properties, site visits, negotiation and others can overwhelm many people.

This is a first service of its kind where you will get all services customized and executed for you (Identifying Property, Negotiation, Structuring, Loans, Legal, Tax and others)

We can help you create a customized Real Estate Portfolio, based on your needs and objectives. Your portfolio can comprise of a combination of the below mentioned investment options:

  • a. Residential Real Estate
  • b. Commercial
  • c. Pre-Leased Properties

Comprehensive Real Estate Advisory

Benefits to you:

  • 1. Time Saved
  • 2. Money Saved
  • 3. Better returns earned through effective financial strategies
  • 4. Peace of Mind
  • Deliverables
    • A Comprehensive Presentation on “Property Investment Strategy”
    • Property Management Solutions
    • Minor & Major Renovation on Turn-key Projects basis
    • Electronic Surveillance & Security Services
    • Property Tax Return
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Rental Management
    • Opportunistic Calls based on state of the economy, markets and infrastructure development
    • An Inventory of all your property documents in one place – Do you and your wife know where all your documents are kept today? Digitize key documents and keep it in one place for easy
  • Access
    • Half yearly review of your property investment
    • EMI analysis
    • Innovative leveraging strategy
    • Getting the best rate for Home Insurance

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